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Practice Areas


Steven A. Harman Associates, LLC provides consulting services in all functional areas of human resources management.  Below is a menu of our services. 


Human Resource Program Strategic Alignment

The strategic alignment of the human resource management program with the goals and objectives of your agency is critical for success.   We can help ensure your agency's human resource program and services are strategically aligned with your agency's goals, values and organizational culture.  We perform the following services:


  • Human resource program audits
  • Employee handbook preparation and review
  • Policy and procedure review
  • Human resource strategic planning
  • Human resource metrics, outcome measures and program evaluation


Organizational Analysis

Public and non-profit organizations face unprecedented challenges.  With limited financial and human capital resources and increased demand for better, more efficient public services, organizations must find creative ways to meet current and future service demands.  Steven A. Harman Associates, LLC can assist your agency in analyzing and evaluating your organizations internal structures, policies and operating procedures to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.  We perform the following:


  • Organizational analysis and restructuring
  • Functional and organizational consolidation analysis
  • Policy and procedure review
  • Workload and staffing analysis


Classification and Compensation

We provide an array of services relating to classification and compensation plan management.  Our expertise encompasses classification studies, preparation of accurate, concise and valid job descriptions and compensation studies including base salary and total compensation analysis.  We can assist in developing comprehensive and transparent compensation policies aligned with your agency's financial circumstances.  We perform the following services:


  • Classification studies
  • Preparation and updating of job descriptions
  • Compensation management and salary studies - base and total compensation
  • Employee compensation policy development


Recruitment, Assessment and Employee Selection System Development

Steven A. Harman Associates, LLC provides expert services in conducting executive searches for a broad array of leadership and management position - from City Manager to Department and Division Heads.  Our strategic approach in conducting recruitment ensures that client's have a diverse pool of talented, motivated and creative candidates from which to select your next organizational leader.  We perform the following services:


  • Executive search
  • Developing valid tests and assessments for a wide variety of positions
  • Selection system program audits
  • Job analysis and validity studies
  • Public safety entry level hiring and promotional processes


Training and Employee Development

The backbone of a successful and dynamic organization is a commitment to learning, engagement and employee development.  We can custom design training and employee development programs to help your agency meet its customer service demands as well as your employees' desire to acquire new skills to enhance their effectiveness and value.  We perform the following services:


  • Strategic human resource management planning
  • Leadership development
  • Succession planning
  • Performance management, coaching and conflict resolution
  • Small to midsize group facilitation


Employee Benefits Management

There is no more confusing and complex area of human resource management today than employee benefits.  Complying with new government mandates and strategically aligning your agency's benefit programs with the recently adopted reform initiatives is high on the list of every agency.  We can perform the following services:


  • Pension plans
  • Financing and managing retiree health care benefit programs
  • Health benefit program review
  • Deferred income program review and analysis


Expert Witness Testimony

Steven A. Harman is a certified expert witness in California State and Federal Court in matters pertaining to a wide array of employment-related disputes.  He provides expertise to both plaintiffs and defendants and has worked with the leading law firms in California. He provides case analysis, depositions, expert reports and testimony at trial. His particular areas of expertise include:


  • Wrongful termination
  • Illegal discrimination and harassment
  • Employment testing, assessment and discrimination


Other Areas

Steven A. Harman Associates provides consulting services in other areas of human resource management including labor relations, employee discipline and grievance administration.